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Why We're a Cut Above

An Old World Sanctuary

With its 15th-century Tudor-style architecture, English courtyard garden, and highly personalized service, our charismatic inn is a true reflection of the art of innkeeping.

a living room with a fireplace

Why We're a Cut Above

Award-Winning Dining

Order a pint at White Hart Pub, have afternoon tea at The English Room, and enjoy a cocktail at The Bar. Our establishments are part of a North Shore tradition.

a table with plates and glasses on it

Why We're a Cut Above

In the Heart of Lake Forest

Imbued with romance and a style that pays tribute to its storied past, Deer Path Inn offers quintessentially English accommodations in the center of historic Lake Forest.

bicycles parked on the side of a street

Why We're a Cut Above

Brilliant Hospitality

Experience exceptional personal service. Our reputation for personalized attention is a quality we have thoughtfully developed and proudly nurtured since 1929.

a man and woman sitting at a bar and a bartender making a drink

Why We're a Cut Above

Hub for Spirited Celebrations

Elevate client meetings in exquisite boardrooms, host important gatherings over a beautifully set table, and celebrate life’s milestones in an English garden setting.

a room with a fireplace and chairs

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